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                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US

                Quinko(Fujian) Machinery Industrial Co.,LTD.

                Quinko(Fujian) Machinery Industrial Co.,LTD.

                 In order to meet the rapid growth and demand in the packaging market,ChumPower Machinery Corp. has made substantial investments over the past several years in the research and development of PET stretch blow molding machines,built the branch company in china named"Quinko(Fujian) Machinery Industrial Co., LTD" in 1993,and "Chumpower Machinery(Jiaxing) Co., LTD" is found as the production base for expanding ouput on October 2011.

                The CPSB and PN series is suitable for diversified containers to fill with mineral water,edible oil,soda,wine,cosmetics,lotion,detergent,and many kinds of liquid.



                Leopard Series

                PHOENIX SERIES


                HOT FILLING SERIES

                COSMETICS SERIES

                OIL/WIDE-NECK JAR SERIES



                WHY CHOOSE US

                WHY CHOOSE US

                • The power of brand

                  A professional manufacturer of PET and PP bottle blowing machine equipment, which has been developed into a high-yield and multi-functional in the past 30 years.

                • Outstanding quality

                  Excellent R&D, production and customer service personnel provide guarantee for product quality, complete production process and strict quality management to ensure stable operation before leaving the factory.

                • Precision machining center

                  To enhance the company's core technology, unswervingly implement "specialized, refined, strong", to provide high-quality supporting services for the company's products.

                • Reasonable solution

                  It brings together the essence of PET and PP bottle manufacturing machinery technology, and formulates production equipment to meet customer needs according to different bottle types.

                • A good after-sales service

                  Advanced precision machining center equipment, modern manufacturing technology and strict and complete quality inspection system provide a strong guarantee for precision manufacturing, and a complete after-sales service system runs through pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale.